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My composition that I don't like. | Aqua Earrings

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A lot of things happened in life that surrounded this composition. Which ultimately made me give up on pursing composing and abandon music related things for ~2 years.

today: 18, doing my second year of maths in university, I looked back and was curious if in some small way, had my thoughts leaked into the composition.

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On 4/5/2021 at 12:01 PM, kwokon987 said:

I looked back

This piece is quite nice, I think, very interesting and evocative. Sounds like a jazzy piece of late Schoenberg. What are your main influences as far as creating music is concerned. One thing I will say in a not too criticizing manner is that it kind of cries out for more. If this were a middle piece in some sort of multi-movement work then perhaps it would be ok as is but as a standalone, i think it has much more to say than presented here. I obviously dont know how this work came to be but i wonder if you may have suffered from the dreaded get-it-done affliction which says "finish me off so you can move on the other things"? Maybe you could extend this one?

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A bijou of a piece. It sounds ok but left me too early. I'm ok with contemporary styles that have substance and this came over impressionistic. On second hearing it's about the right length - but it should be part of a collection like Debussy's Preludes.

One of my student friends is with me in spite of lockdown and she found it pretty. 

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