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The Six Adventurers - No. 5: Shadow, The Chief of Wapiti.


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Hewwwoo, it's me again. Sorry for the long wait for those of you waiting for this damn suite to be complete (probably no one tbh). It's really hard for me to find motivation for this suite, especially when school was in the way. But I'm back now, ready as I ever be! This piece was really fun to compose, probably my favorite out of the 6. I've also completed the composition for the 6th piece (Eva, The Mysterious Herbal Wanderer). Just need time to do some finishing touches. Feedback is appreciated. Hope you enjoy this one! 

"The Six Adventurers" is a suite which took characters from a role-play story to a musical level of interpretation. Each pieces are named after the characters. The suite is dedicated to a part of a role-play storyline from a role-play server called "Wild West RP" set in 1899 from the game Red Dead Redemption 2 with modded servers from the mod RedM. Here are the titles for each pieces:

No. 1 : Bery, The Huntsman. (https://www.youngcomposers.com/t41558/the-six-adventurers-no-1-bery-the-huntsman/)
No. 2 : Susie, The Gunslinger.
No. 3 : Calvin, The Carolina Ranger.
No. 4 : Enola, The Nightstalker. (https://www.youngcomposers.com/t41611/the-six-adventurers-no-4-enola-the-nightstalker/)
No. 5 : Shadow, The Chief of Wapiti. (https://www.youngcomposers.com/t42316/the-six-adventurers-no-5-shadow-the-chief-of-wapiti/)
No. 6 : Eva, The Mysterious Herbal Wanderer.

The piece itself involves a character named Shadow Bear, the Chief of the Wapiti tribe (played by SprayNprayErik on Twitch) and his adventures and shenanigans trying to organize the biggest tribe in the state while trouble and unfairness is always watching, coming, and attacking. Score added!


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