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Three Songs, for viola and string ensemble

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On 7/10/2021 at 2:14 PM, Jerry Engelbach said:

There are some nice textures there. 

I'm puzzled about how these could be songs. There's so much going on in the first two movements that I couldn't pick out what would be a clear vocal line.

The third movement was more accessible to me.



Thank you for your input - it is appreciated!

In regards to the vocal line, the solo viola part is relatively unchanged from the vocal line. The range has been expanded, and certain moments are more florid, but that is about it.

In my YouTube description, I have included a link to the originals if you wished to compare them. Of the many pieces I have composed, I have not been very fortunate in getting performances or recordings of almost any of them. Therefore, the originals are not live, and I have used a tenor saxophone as the sound for the voice.

Thanks again.

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5 hours ago, MJFOBOE said:

I guess you used the word "Songs" metaphorically?  Or is/are there a text(s) for the work.  If there is a text(s) it would be helpful to see how the words work with your music line.


Thank you for commenting. These were originally songs in the literal sense, set to texts by a War poet (William Kerr). I felt maybe it would be helpful to include the score to this, so I have attached it here! Some things have changed, but this might help clear things up with this setting of the music.

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