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Hello all persons including, YC,

I'm working to have my equation in CSound for "real-time" performance.

The equation goes:

"" Y," is equal to the function, the vector minus its principle (the quality included in the vector), and the vector minus the square root, pi and the product of its radial (the quality included in the vector), squared."

The rational has been botched by the, US Patent Office, English above, (any mannerism experts are welcome) and may add to the thesis of the arsis; the rational in, Spanish, is perfect.

I need the syntax in, CSound, so as I'm not doing a manual approach each time I write music, basically.

P.S. Sorry for the page order attached, and attached's the equation in motion, "Samurai Nocturne Suite."


Radial Displacement Español_210402_Harper_2.jpg

Radial Displacement Theory_210402_Harper_2.jpg

Radial Displace Theory_210402_Harper_1.jpg

Radial Displacement Español_210402_Harper_1.jpg

Radial Displace Theory_210402_Harper_2.jpg

Radial Displacement Theory_210402_Harper_1.jpg

Radial Displacement Theorem_210402_Harper.jpg

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