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my new piece in Ligeti style, hope you like it!

the video: 作品4之7 冲突与混乱(视频乐谱)_哔哩哔哩_bilibili

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Very interesting piece! I think the perpetual motion is handled well, and you are able to generate a good deal of variety in what is predominantly a texture of constant quavers.

Graphically speaking, I personally feel the background used in the score is distracting and makes the score more difficult to read (I'm also not sure if I'd want to print the document in color, were I to learn it). For the purpose of a video, I think it's a unique personal touch; I would avoid doing it on the actual score, however!

I also wonder how effective it is to shift the barlines visually, as you have done. I think that I understand the intent, but it makes it significantly less clear for a performer and I am not convinced it's necessary. At the most, I would consider polymetrical beaming across the barline.

Overall, though, I really enjoyed your piece - it feel like a complete work and it kept my interest. I hope some of my comments help. Great job!

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