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Things to consider when you start learning piano

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I reckon it's important to get a few face-to-face lessons from the start and from a teacher who seems to be sympathetic to your attitude/aims etc., enough so you can gauge how seriously you want to take it.

As a composer I can't imagine how I'd've got on without the piano. And the 'better' you are at it, the easier it gets to mock up a composition, if you are disposed to use it. I suppose any keyboard instrument would do, though so you can see how chords and harmony are laid out. 

If you want to go further with playing a good teacher with a more analytical approach may help. It could short-cut the way to more advanced work. You may find yourself doing some exercises away from the keyboard.

One thing is certain: it takes practice every day. A little practice per day is worth far more than a couple of longer sessions per week. Practice is almost an 'observance' Demand of yourself you practice a little at least 5 days per week.

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