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havent posted in a few years and have drastically changed compositional styles to electronic music.

i felt like posting to get some thoughts on my new ambient sound. ❤️

you can check out the full album on any streaming services 🙂

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This reminds me of something out a sim city soundtrack. (Simcity 3000 and 4, to be precise.) But clearly a bunch more ominous. I think only problem I see is the piano is too dry. You could've processed it a little more so it blends better with the windchime-drone stuff going on. Also, it's a little on the short side. I would've honestly maybe made each section just a tiny bit longer, specially the start. I think it starts too fast and it moves a little too quickly. On second thought, maybe the whole thing could be slower in general. It would give time for the ambience to have more of an effect.


I do really like the sudden "major" turns the harmony does (0:44.) Cool stuff.

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