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Cantata movement in baroque style


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Hi, here a Cantata movement I wrote in the last few days. I try to create some contrast within the movement with some parts just instrumental without voice and basse.

The structure is a ABA form, being B some of the main motives transform minor keys in some modulating sequences. 

All through the eightnotes momentum never stops, first played be the basses with the main motive and then by the violin I with the second motive.

The movement ends with a fugato with before the final cadence. 

1st motive (is repeated after modulating to the dominant D)


Bass in 1st motive


2nd motive


2nd motive (Exemple of combination second and third species counterpoint).



3rd motive (exemple of more free counterpoint style in fifth species and contrast with 1, 2 and 3 voice texture)


Final Fugato Motive (Repeated by Violin II, Viola 1 oct. below and Basses 2 oct. below)


Fugato broken cadence (exemple of third species counterpoint).


I could extend more in some technical details, but better hear and feel...

Let me know your opinion.




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Great job!  I like how you visit many minor keys in the development section.  I think what you have at the end of the piece is not a fugato but a short canon at the unison or octave.  I wish you had extended or developed that further - it seems like it should be a more profound and substantial part of the whole.  Also - do you have any specific words in mind for the choir?  Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you for posting. You must have put a lot of effort into it. It has some real Baroque beauty.
I have one remark: the substantive part seems to be the strings, the music seems to happen there. The choir seems to have not much life on its own. I think your piece could grow if the choir got more musical impact through having a more independent function. Also: why don't let the choir sing for a longer period of time? Now they have only short phrases. It would be good to balance things out and give more variety.

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