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Music for female choir, soloists and percussion.


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This was basically an experiment to see how useful some choral samples might be for contemporary composition. They fell rather short on resources: more vowels and isolated consonants would have been useful. Even so, I decided to keep this piece, limited as it is, and perhaps use it as a launch for a larger work with full orchestra. I'd probably go over to the EW choir for something like that.

The library came up as a bulk deal. I wanted the 7 soloists (they include a coloratura soprano) and the choir came with the bundle.

About the score - I haven't tried to organise the percussion conventionally. It is scored. The work is unlikely to be performed live so it would be a wasted effort. The file dates are the final revisions.

Any comment would be gratefully received.

Many thanks if you can give it a listen.



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On 4/24/2022 at 7:25 PM, MJFOBOE said:

Hi - enjoyed the work ... it reminds me of parts of the movie sound track for 2001!  Quite eerie ... ~!



Many thanks for that. Pleasing to think it hangs together somewhat at least. Now I listen to it myself there are moments I'd alter it but I doubt they'd change the overall shape of the piece. A trained choir could probably perform it. I think I know what you mean re 2001. Was it Ligetti?

(It was inspired by an electronic piece (while being nothing like it): Berio's Omaggio a Joyce. (Original composition 1958) "Performed" by Cathy Berberian - a most interesting exploration. 

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