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World War Two Symphony | Movement Two: Blitzkrieg

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The second movement of this World War Two symphony expands on the Nazi theme introduced in the last half of the Prelude movement. This German-styled march evokes a celebratory tone as the Nazi war machine rapidly advances its way through Western Europe, paving the way for a new Third Reich.

Please let me know what you think about this piece that was composed and sequenced entirely on the Roland FA-06 Workstation and recorded on the Tascam SD-24. I did some light processing with Audacity.


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Good solid piece for brass/military band. Instrumental balance sounds fine but in the absence of a score I can't be sure of what's going on. A good length too. To me it achieves your stated aim and is a pretty clever composition.

No critique about the production. Presumably it's how you want it to sound. I'm using Beyerdynamic studio phones.

Great. Thanks for giving it an airing here.

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I agree with Quinn. This is one of those clever pieces that is "ominously Major," and brings to mind the Imperial March of Star Wars fame. One thing I noticed and that felt out of place is that all of the woodwind trills were performed on the semitone (half-step). Especially during the middle "major" section, those would sound better if performed at a whole step, in my opinion.

Enjoyable piece. I also took a listen to the Prelude you mentioned. I look forward to hearing more of this interesting symphony!

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