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Psalm 23 (Revised)


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Hi! Attached are score, audio (midi) and text for Psalm 23 (SATB unaccompanied)... Actually this is revised version of my previous work, and I was seeing if it's good to include this piece for my DMA composition audition this Fall...

Could anyone give me any comments on this piece so that I can modify it since there is still few months?

Thanks so much for your time, and have a good one!

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Let's see. I am definitely not an expert in pieces written for SATB but I will comment briefly what I think:

• I like that the beginning in C Major rapidly turns into E minor. However, this change is extended way longer than I expected, perhaps it would be wise to put the E minor key during the whole section. Or perhaps not since you modulate a lot (something that I like).

• There are some interesting points around 2:10. and yet there are other parts where the piece feels unconnected to me, but perhaps this super clear question-answer structure is what you want. In that case, perfect.

• I loved the final in A, period.

• What about the rehearsal-only piano part? It is blank, is this intended?

Keep the good work. I've seen you uploaded another Psalm. I will check it asap if I don't fall asleep :].

Kind regards,


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I enjoyed your Psalm 150 and I like this too. In particular, the use of key change is nice, especially the ending in A major. I especially liked the staccato parts around bars 48 - 52. That made an interesting contrast.

The quaver dotted crotchet rhythm at the start and the gradual introduction and overlapping of voices is nice and you do introduce this motif at the end but maybe you could have used it a bit more across, maybe from bars 90 onwards?

Thanks for sharing.

I wondered if these two Psalms could be two movements or sections in a longer work with the ones you've shared being movements 2 and 3 and perhaps Ps 122 as a middle tempo piece as movement 1?

Best wishes


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