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Psalm 150 (Revised)


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Hi! Attached are score, audio (midi) and text for Psalm 150 (SATB unaccompanied)... Actually this is revised version of my previous work, and I was seeing if it's good to include this piece for my DMA composition audition this Fall...

Could anyone give me any comments on this piece so that I can modify it since there is still few months?

Thanks so much for your time, and have a good one!



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Hi  there. It's good isn't it. I like unaccompanied choral music as it puts me in mind of my time as a chorister many years ago. I think my knowledge of counterpoint and harmony was shaped by that. I like the use of counterpoint in your work and also the tension created by the changing time signatures.

Not much to say about your piece really. I liked it a lot. It's pretty high for the sops in particular ( but nowhere near the top E in Poulenc's "La Figure Humaine" - love that piece).

I'll have another listen to see if anything more comes to me. But thanks for sharing. I enjoyed it.

I've got a choral work which is like yours and a MP3 file which I might share here so thanks for the inspiration.

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