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Wild Nights! (for TTBB unaccompanied)


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Hi! I just wrote one unaccompanied male choir piece for a short poem (Wild Nights!) by Emily Dickinson...

Actually I wrote this for a composition assignment for my composition class 1-2 years ago, but I'd also really like you all to give me any comments...

Thanks for your time, and have a nice one!


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Truly agitato. I believe you like stacatto motives and the contrast they make. This is good but I sometimes feel they're filling the piece too much hence losing their particular charisma. I also suppose that those rapid passages towards the end of the piece are legato and not how the program interprets them, (I'm about sure since there're slurs but I ask anyway) right?

Overall a nice piece, but I personally liked your two psalms more (the ones I've listened to days ago).

Kind regards,


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