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Hello! I applaud your efforts to keeping something as ambient and, dare I say, repetitive, and keep it interesting and easy to follow! 

The overall sound is decent, and the instrumentation plus it’s variations made the melody easy to pick up while also being interesting and new throughout. I surprisingly love the Major chord cadences that you employ throughout! Every time I hear them, I know it’s about to start the melody over and offer a new listening experience with each variation. The melody itself is quite simple, but I admit the harmonies in it are attractive and enjoyable!

Though this isn’t a piece I’d typically listen to, I still found it to be quite nice, well put, and worthwhile! Take care!

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I liked your unusual use of the Romanesca schemata which at 2 points during your piece reminded me of Pachelbels Canon in D although yours is in the minor mode and ends differently.  The line cliche also was tastefully done and I love that gradual slide from the vi degree to the bVI.  Also the piano part is interesting enough and leads the piece but the other instruments have relatively boring parts.  Nice touch of the flute fluttertongue though.  Thanks for sharing. 

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