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Final Moments

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This is an Action Suite I composed, it uses mostly brass with heavy string sections.

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First of all, welcome to YC!

And well God that's sick audio-wise. I may ask this a lot but would you mind to share the score too? I just like to read & listen, no worries if you cannot/don't want to.

It gives me some star wars vibes, at least at the beginning (then I never hear any particular thing that arises that feeling again). Perhaps some cymbals would fit with all this intensity up to 0:52 and would help to sharpen that transition to silence and back to action. From around 1:49 I started to miss some texture/volume/rythm variation and it happened 15 seconds after that, cannot complain at all hehe.

The contrast between that overwhelming (in the good way) intensity and a more subtle and malevolent set of passages increases towards the end of the piece. Overall I think of it as a set of chained sections that fit good with each other but it doesn't give me the feeling of completeness other suites or pieces of distinct nature but normally made of different movements give. However, this might be what you've intended and in any case this is just my humble, subjective, non-detailed opinion based on listening the piece twice.

The end did not convince me too much, specially because of the silence you made in 0:52: I wondered why you did that silence during the whole piece and the end seemed like a perfect place to put another one of those since you end in a tension that is preceded with an intense melodic ascension. A dramatic pause just like you did and then and a powerful tutti final would have been epic in my opinion. But again, that's just my impression :B.

In any case, it was really nice to check this suite of yours, I do think it would fit in any action scene. Have you composed it for anything specific?

Kind regards,


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Thanks for the feedback, I like to compose an action composition every now and then really just for fun. Unfortunately I don't notate I mostly just use MIDI and recording programs so I don't have sheet music for you I'm sorry about that. I did hear about a program called ScoreCloud that is supposed to notate it all for you if you can just manage to get the Ableton file. I was quite happy with it finishing in tension unresolved with the trills and other musical elements behind it. I don't like the bit after the pause as you mentioned at  0:59 I was never happy with that repeating phrase in the lowerhand of the orchestration, I feel like I rushed it or maybe just couldn't find any good melodies to go over the top of it. Any way thanks again

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