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String Concerto No.8 in E Major Composed By Tom Dahlenburg

Tom Dahlenburg

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I just completed this composition about an hour ago, it is my 8th String Concerto in E Major.

What I like about this piece is the build up/tension 2/3 thirds of the way through. It changes key in a very complicating way several times

during the staccato strings section (the build up)

It took me a solid evening to finish this with a simple 4,5 then 1 to finish the composition, this is the big resolve at the end it is as simple 

as a 4,5 then 1 progression  however just spaced out, this gives an almost finale or big ending feel to the piece. I intended for this work to be something slow or subtle however I got ahead of myself. I almost got a bit of both.

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I like how the tension is built, with well prepared modulation following the circle of fifths, from e minor, a minor, d minor, g minor and finally to c minor. . But I think the transition can be extended in order to resolve the tension, because juxtaposing the dominant of c minor with E major chord seems quite remote for me. Maybe the struggle can be longer?

But the E major ending is really grand and majestic. I love the use of celesta(?) and the touch of lydian mode at the end.

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Man, you never disappoint, but if your intention was making something, quoting you here: "slow or subtle" I think this is not the case for the "subtle" during the first 2:30 mins. Then it gets more subtle but not too much. It's very enjoyable, the progression you make (described by Henry) is very good and I detect the same "issue". Extending in the C minor section imo would have been great.

Another thing: dynamics. I don't really see significant changes in the volume (it could be just my end though, I don't have precisely high-end audio output devices) excepting on the end and imo that would enrich this concerto A LOT as well as making the subtle part more notorious.

That's my feedback, those five mins passed in a breath. A clear sign of enjoyment to me. Thank you, Tom!

Kind regards ^^.

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