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Does anyone know what this marking is called?


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I was flipping through my copy of the score Mahler’s 2nd Symphony, and I noticed this marking in between systems. My best guess is that it’s used when a system doesn’t contain all of the instruments required to play a piece, but I don’t know what it’s called. Can someone help me out here? (It’s the thing circled in red in the picture)


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Just a view: there's only a limited amount that can be taught on line and that's often blighted by inadequate oversight. Learning an instrument on line is particularly difficult. If someone's aspirations are just to tinker around with it, fine, but without someone to supervise the early stages of practice, 'students' can pick up some awful technical habits which can wreck progress if they get serious.

In the UK, the Open University offers degree courses in music. Well, you know my views on degree courses in composition but these are slanted to the practical so some off-line involvement is needed. But for what you get - in my view - the prices are horrendously expensive. The courses are made up of modules and a year's worth costs just over £6,000 - FAR too expensive. The course goes on for 3 or 6 years depending if you're part- or full-time. But the course starts from scratch and expects a full time student to put in 36 hours per week, part time, 16-18 hours. If you already know the gubbins you can start at a higher stage. However, I must say it's far better value than real university attendance which in the UK is a swindle.

I did my LRAM composition diploma a long time ago externally, mostly through private tuition but it did involve practical entry tests. 

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