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Looking to Collaborate On Refining On a Piano Piece Created Through Improvization


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My name is Chunbum Park, also known as Chun. I am a painter, but I did this neat piano music back in 2019, which I titled "Raindrum."

I have no skill or knowledge in music, so I am looking for someone to help properly bring to life the piano music which I recorded on my phone and uploaded to YouTube:


I would like for it to be a collaboration, in which either I am the Composer but the collaborating person is the Artist, or we are both Composers and there is a 3rd person who is the Artist, etc. I am not sure how it would work, but I want to give credit to the person. I would like to publish the music on iTunes and put it on Youtube as well.

I have very little money, so most of the compensation for the work in cleaning up the music and arranging the parts and then executing the playing and recording must come from the future sales of the music on iTunes (which will be split 50-50), plus a $100 pay/honorarium upon completing the project.

Thank you so much for reading my post.





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