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The Tortoise and the Hare


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This was my entry for the Tortoise and the Hare

The piece starts off with the hare making fun of the tortoise's speed, so I introduce the hare's theme in the Eb Clarinet. The acciaccatura figure represents laughing. Then the tortoise theme, which is in minor since he isn't particularly enjoying being made fun of. I just repeat those with minor variation. Then the music builds to the hare laughing again, which signals the tortoise to challenge him to a race (A), signified by the rocking fourth figure. The hare laughs at that too, but the tortoise interrupts and repeats his challenge. The hare accepts the race. The fox begins the race (B), signified by the horn fanfare, and the race begins (C). The race is a fugue on the hare's theme with fragments of the tortoise's theme. The fugue ends with the hare's theme on top, so he slows down to take a nap (D). The tortoise meanwhile is coming closer to the finish line (E), crosses which means he wins the race. So, the piece ends triumphantly with the hare accepting his defeat.

I enjoyed this competition very much and would love to participate in more competitions like it.

Thank you for any and all feedback

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