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Piano 247 and 248

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Enjoy and please leave some feedback

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Enjoying and leaving feedback...

247: What if you leave the first note of each 4 notes in the left hand unaccented and make the other three stacatto?
248: This one has even more musicality in my humble opinion. Both sound Mozart-esque. From M50 and one it did not convince me as much as the rest of the piece. Another few suggestions here, hope you don't mind:
 • Adding precise articulation would greatly improve this piece just as much or even more than dynamics (but why choosing when you can have both). Example: take M25 and do what I suggested for your 247 & lower the octave of the half-note E.
• If you get passages with many additional lines you may want to use the 8va. alta or 8va. bassa lines to ease readability.

This pair of works were something, a bit more of polishment wouldn't hurt, but I do like what you got here. It was a pleasure to listen to these works. Thank you for sharing.

Kind regards!!

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