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Etude: D Major

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I decided to test out my skills in writing a 'tonal' etude -which its been a NUMBER OF YEARS. 

I don't think this is a bad attempt. The ending is a bit to be desired. I may rework it -or not. 

Anyway, hope you enjoy my 15 mins of work.

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Honestly it's quite odd for me to listen your tonal work! But I enjoy this!

It is for sure not a bad attempt, actually it's very funny and pleasant for me. I love your modulation.

I don't know why, but I feel like the flow here less flowing as in your post tonal work. I don't know if it's the effect of modality or composing time. The theme is not as developed as in other works, as in there you would use a motivic approach, but here a thematic one with the major mode.

For me it's not quite technical as an Etude. 

Thanks for sharing! I love your piano stuffs! Maybe next time a chamber one?😏


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Sounds fine, no complains excepting... It was a little dry to my taste, but who knows, I might listen to it tomorrow and don't even notice. It's very melodic-driven and it indeed sounds "classical". Hell, for 15 minutes it's very solid!

The interval starting in 2:40 all the way to the end was my favourite part.

Kind regards,

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The dynamics seem really random in this piece.  And the last chords seemed tacked on just for the sake of being able to say that this piece is "in D major".  I felt like the piece wasn't done where you ended it and could have easily gone on for much longer.  I think you're coming at tonality from a post-tonal perspective and I think the reason why it works is because your writing is very inventive and motivically focused.  But I don't think you're used to building a more traditional sectional macro-tonal plan which would give your composition more of a tonally logical structure and hence it would help guide your piece towards a more logical ending instead of just seemingly stopping on what (to me) sounded like an arbitrary place on a (somewhat forced) D major chord.  That's just my take though and if you're happy with it or tired of this exercise of trying to write something tonal keep it as is!  Thanks for sharing.

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