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Music for a Plot Twist (Orchestra + Piano)

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Here is a piece I wrote for some kinda plot twist in a movie . I decided not to have an "Explosive" moment, wich is commen when you have a twist in movies. Instead I decided to just let the music slowly build.

I only used free Vst-plugins (BBC Orchstra, Sine factory, Spitfire Labs, Neo Piano and The free Orchestra from Kontakt)

The Daw I used is Lmms, wich is not really good but it`s simple enough that even I can understand it and it´s also free.

The key of the Theme is A-minor (Although it might have a Key change in it, I can`t remembder and honestly, I don`t have time to check)

I hope you enjoy.

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Hi @lordDave,

I myself think this music more as representing a struggle or confusion instead of plot twist! I quite like the build up with strings alone, but I am not quite a fan of having the piano playing the same melody with the violin and later with cello adding the bass with same melody, since it will make the harmony less rich, unless you want a heterophonic texture which I think doesn't fit here. You can probably add countermelody to the melody, have voice exchange between the piano and violin to vary the timbre more!

Thanks for sharing!


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Since you made it via DAW I guess we won't have a score available for reading right?

It sounds good, and depending on which scene put it could work for what you intended. The development as you say is slow and solid, and I like that. There's not much to criticize here at least to my knowledge, perhaps one could say the harmony is static and the theme overall isn't very ambitious but it's not like you need every theme to be bombastic nor hyper-complex, again I liked how you built the music, a perpetual crescendo. The end is a bit dry to my taste, though.

Looking forward to check further works from you.

Kind regards,


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