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Five new organ scores

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New organ scores thanks for listening

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  • hw1234 changed the title to Five new organ scores

Inclined to agree with Henry. These brief pieces would make accessible studies for beginners. A suggestion for the registration wouldn't be out of place. I presume that your intention was the left and right hand parts are played on the same manual.

If you followed Henry's idea, changes of registration both large and small would show off this great instrument far better. You could, for example, assign a reed stop to the right hand, while the left hand is given some quiet 8' + 4' stops.  Changing groups of pedal stops using toe pistons depends on the organ itself. Many have pre-set selections (modern ones have electronic ones that can be preset, but even adding or reducing a stop by hand is possible if you give the organist a second or so break in playing a manual. 

A good start. The last piece would be good for learning pedals - left foot near the end of the pedal board making bars 14 and 15 difficult for a novice. 

Do you happen to play organ?

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MMO7: The first one has not convinced me in its first and last passage. The material in the middle sounded more promising to me, it would be nice to see how it develops.

MMO6: The second one is a bit giocoso, and I liked how it developed and resolved.

MMO5: I get mixed feelings with the third, nonetheless I like it more than the first.

MMO4: The fourth one didn't convince me either.

MMO8: Nice that you changed the stops on the last one, it would be my second favourite of these five.

Kind regards!!

(P.S: added indications because I just saw that the files are not in the right order)

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