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Composition challenge 5 (50$ first prize)


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Hello everyone! So long since I did this, I bet some of you were looking forward to it. This time we will be using a theme by a friend of mine and show him some support through his cancer.  

I will offer a 50$ 1st prize to the best composition that isn't by a close friend of mine and another 25$ 2nd prize. But to receive it you will have to prove you shared this video with at least 2-3 people (if possible composers) before the deadline (21/04/2023) (even if the piece is incredible this requirement can't be ignored, if so you won't be elegible to get the prize). I really want to get as many people as possible to participate in the project. This is similar to an art raffle on Twitter where you have to retweet a post. Once you share the video send me a screenshot of that to my email: ivanmusic1886@gmail.com

Even if you didn't get any prize you can get an honourable mention if you show quality craft.  


There are two options:  

1.- To compose a small set of piano variations using the main theme.

2.- To compose a free piece for any instrumentation using the material I show.

(Both are equally good, but perhaphs the second one is more interesting.)  


Pieces will have to be longer than 1 minute and 10 minutes long at most. Shorter and more dense pieces around 2-5 minutes are encouraged.  

Musicality, emotion and imagination regarding the transformation of the material will be what will be valued the most. The style is free as long as it is understandable and enjoyable for most people (the experimental pieces will be included but will not receive any prizes).  

As said the last day you can submit your piece is on the 21st of April of 2023. Send me your piece to me email.  


Here you have the original piece:


Good luck to everyone and let's hope to get some awesome pieces! See you soon. 🙂

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10 hours ago, Omicronrg9 said:


Possibly not gonna participate but I'll definitely share the video with my friends and I'm sure that some people from here will join the challenge. 

Kind regards,


Thank you so much!

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