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The Bells In The Snow

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I made this composition thinking of a small village in the snow, and I tried to give it some winter feelings. 

This is my first piece where the time signature change during the song (it goes from 3/4 to 4/4 and then returns to 3/4 quite often), and also my first one with a modulation in it. 

I Hope you enjoy it! 🙂 



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Hi Anto. 

First of all, I would be glad if I could read along the score as I listen to it, so for future reference, please do not hesitate in bringing your score here in case you have one. 

In my opinion, the piece mixes more or less solemnity and cheerfulness, one brought by the choice of instruments & tempo, and the other by the melody and chords chosen. I definitely liked and enjoyed it, and there's nothing here that rose my eyebrow but the ending, which I found abrupt, and inconclusive (or even unfinished). You seemed to be approaching the end in a diminuendo section but you ended in these F-G-Ab which were asking for more. To me, the piece like you presented it asked to conclude in an Eb chord or at least to repeat the phrase and end somewhere else.

Kind regards,

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