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Morceau Triste for solo piano


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Hi @Nazariy,

That's a nice romantic character piece in rondo form for me. I find the A part quite Brahmsian with those 2 against 3 notes and thicker chords. I like how you modify the length of the A section too instead of having it appear all the time in its entirety. I especially like the coda with those thicker chords and rit. 

Section B provides contrast with the A major and duplet rhythm, while Section C with tonic major, piu mosso and dance character. That's for sure an enjoyable piece and thanks for sharing!


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i always feel a bit foolish in making suggestions about pieces as beautifully constructed as this but...while i love the contrasts between the sections here i find myself wanting them to be more pronounced. they seem a bit too subtle to my taste. increasing their length by allowing them each to become even more of what i would call a mini-drama in and of themselves could be effective. the first section is only 56 seconds and the transition to the next sounds abrupt. the transition at 2:35 works well i think. the coda-like part at 2:38 is nice but more of a recapitulation/encapsulation of what has come before might also round things off nicely.



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