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Check out my Track, "Moon Be My Guide' NOT on he, you, and I.


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I got a lot of replies last time I posted here hoping for the same again. This is a good track, and a new track on a separate reocrd "Moon be my guide" title of track and title of album


here is "He, You,m ANd I" Again.


enjoy both.


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I must say the picture is a bit spine-chilling for the kind of music that is played haha. Good job, a bit repetitive to my taste but great overall. I also have to say that some more instruments (a bass, a keyboard and God knows what else) wouldn't have hurt in my opinion. The theme feels a bit empty with just a guitar and a drumset (correct me if there's more, I didn't perceived them on my end) but as long as you are fine with it, it's fine.

Thank you for sharing and glad you came back man!

Kind regards,

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