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2 Fugues (part II)

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Here I present two more fugues, also in a major&minor set.
This time I tried to write for 4 voices in the major fugue, and I'm really satisfied with the result (tried 5 voices but quickly abandoned the idea).
The minor fugue to me is less interesting but still has some things in the presentations of the subjects that was productive to compose.
Hope you like them!



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First fugue: balanced, structurally clear, very enjoyable from the beginning to the end and very well written overall. The motive isn't anything outside of this world, thus making an engaging work with it is even more meritorious. 

Second fugue: the fact you chose 3/2 instead 3/X with X>2 makes the score easier to read, less cluttered. I liked it more than the other, minor key fugues attract me a bit more I suppose, but both are very enjoyable. This one has more parallel movement than the first, but that doesn't affect the quality of the fugue negatively in this case (in my opinion at least). 

Congratulations, Nazariy! Do you number your works, by the way? Just out of curiosity.

Kind regards,

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Hi @Nazariy,

Fugue in F major: For me the fugue subject is somewhat tonally ambigious since the tonic never appears. F major is confirmed only when the 2nd voice enters but it's a tonal answer and this may be ambigious tonally. 

P5 in b.24-26 btw S and A.

I like in b.33 when you have stretto between prime and inverted subject.

The V64 chord in b.54 is a little bit off for me.

Overall the fugue is enjoyable!

Fugue in F minor: I agree with @Omicronrg9 that there are more parallel motions here and I feel like the rhythm is less distinctive with more homorhythmic motions here.

Maybe the subjectcis less distinctive here, I sometimes lose the trace of it in the middle sections.

In b.5 the tonality is quite ambigious with E natural followed by D natural and reach C minor for me. In b.10 I feel like the C minor is not closed properly and there's episode back to F minor. Probably staying 1 more bar in c minor would be better.

The voice leading in b.15 Tenor seems not smooth enough for me as it's making wide leaps with a tritone. 

b.86 will be unplayable with the wide range.

Thanks for sharing!


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