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Bagatelle 14 and 15

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Here is my 14th bagatelle in e flat major, enjoy!

Edit: added 15th bagatelle!

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#14. This sounds good, but if it were mine, I think I would massage some of the transitions between the different rhythmic sections a little more.  The transition to the triplet section sounds a bit abrupt to my ear, for instance. Maybe if you could think of a way to keep the quarter and eighth note pattern in the left hand for a measure during the switch to right hand triplets that you liked, that could be a way to smooth things out?  

#15.  I really enjoyed what you did harmonically with this piece.  Having the subito pp at measure 22 might have worked better to my ear with a richer harmony, instead of just the unison Eb.  It does have an element of surprise to it, which I think is what you were going for, but for me, it would be better with a chord in that spot instead, or even adding some more E flats in additional octaves?  Might be worth playing around with.    

These are great!  Thanks for sharing them!

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#15 This one sounds almost romantic. Although the harpsichord sounds good maybe the piano would suit it better?  There is a lot of use of octaves which, in the harpsichord serves to increase volume but the piano can give it another kind of dynamics. There are some chords that are possible but the notation would have to be clarified.

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