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motion from non-rest to rest for symphony orchestra


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Here is a recent orchestral piece I put together for the Cornell Symphony Orchestra. My main focus was building a structure that kept players and audiences on their toes while utilizing an approachable, fun level of rhythmic complexity. The form is a theme and variations on the concept of pentatonicism, stratified rhythmically, melodically, harmonically, and timbrally. The title comes from a Messiaen quote, as he was describing the basic building blocks of shaping musical expression through time: motion, from non-rest to rest.


Douglas_motion from non-rest to rest.pdf

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The concept is really interesting and innovative for the music
The vibraphone is almost inaudible for the opening "jazz solo"
Your orchestration has greatly reminded me that I am so bad at orchestration, so not gonna comment too much on this. But for what you want to express, I do feel it and it is really effective!
Great work, in conclusion!

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