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Violin Concerto II&III mvts.

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It would be easier to critique with a score.  I think the Romantic chromaticism of the second movement is quite effective.  The third is nice, but sounds stylistically rather different from the second to me, more straightforward harmonically and more like late Classical or early Romantic.  It's a pity the virtual instruments aren't more realistic - the orchestra often sounds good, but it's a little hard to judge the solo part, since it would obviously come off much better played by a human.  Anyway, nice work on this!

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I think I am hearing Musesounds when listening to your music, but then when the Solo Violin comes in I hear the MS Basic soundfont for some reason.  ???  I think your rendering would be even better if you used the Musesounds Solo Violin too!

2nd movement - The trills in this rendition sound very mechanical and unrealistically fast and yet, I know that Musescore 4 and Musesounds are capable of realizing trills in a much more humanized way.  So I'm puzzled by your rendition.  I don't usually like slow movements but this piece was enjoyable and there was plenty of rhythmic contrast.

The 3rd movement is a very nice rondo!  I wish I could look at the score as well as I would be able to judge how difficult the Violin part actually is.  It certainly sounds challenging with that trill combined with certain double stops!

Thanks for sharing!

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