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whiskers & fangz


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whiskers and fangs, I'll dig into you

I don't feel sad unless you are too

fur in my teeth, I'll make us rat stew

you'll stoke the fire while i'm drifting through....

whiskers and fangs, my gums show

Wish i could purr so that you could know

just how safe you make me feel

just how you make the world seem real


whiskers & fangz, paws and tail

curled on your lap, the stars are pale

The moon is full, and it makes me sick

might have to drink your blood real quick, 

cause it makes me better, I'm sure you can tell

As long as it's from you it makes me well

Wish i could spend 8 more lives with you

wish there was more for us to both do

claws and teeth are sounding alarms

I've got my eye on your bruised arm

my tail twitches when i'm alone

all I want's for you..............to come home


so come home


I don't feel human, I don't feel right

I just feel like spending the night

with you, your shape by my side,

your sweat on my hands, your voice in the night

Whiskers and tail, whiskers & fangs

Snowy cat ,I'll remember your name

whiskers and tails, whiskers and fangs

whiskers and you............

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