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Rust & Bones – Betflix TV Series – The Chapel


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Rust & Bones – Betflix TV Series

Rust & Bones is a new TV show produced by the well acclaimed producer Steven Glockenspielberg. The cast uses a bunch of totally unknown and desperate actors that accepted their roles for few millions dollars only. The story is somehow based on the table game “Clue”.

Upon the death of Godfroy Boneman, the descendants of the Boneman family understood the magnitude of the business opportunity and joined forces with a Saxon banker from Leipzig to create "Boneman & Sacks Relic Asset Management Inc.". Over time, the Boneman and the Sacks family managed the lucrative market of relics in Europe and the rest of Christendom to generate billions of dollars from the supposed virtues of these relics. All the relics that are in deposit or awaiting rent by bishoprics are stored in a 13-storey crypt under the small chapel which in 1033 had been the house of the worshipers of the holy foreskin. Since that time, the alleged miracles and virtues of the holy foreskin have been questioned since 21 samples of the holy foreskin have been found at different ages and colors of Jesus.

“This story is a work of fiction. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events, is purely coincidental.”

Music & Production: Syrel
Photography: Syrel


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