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Theme from John Carpenter's Halloween - My 2023 cover!

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Hello all! Every year I aim to do a cover of the theme from Halloween . As my personal favorite horror film, this theme has always stood out as one of my favorites. So, every year around this time I like to make a new cover of it!

Made this in FL Studio, using Spitfire Audio VSTs. BBCSO Discover and Intimate Strings mostly!

I have done a synth cover, closer to the original. As well as some other variations. This year, I went with an orchestral style. Hope you're all enjoying this spooky season and enjoy the cover!



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On 11/1/2023 at 3:24 AM, Henry Ng Tsz Kiu said:

Hi @Layne,

Quite interesting with the perpetuum mobile strings accompaniment and frequent modulations! Not too horrible for me as the original Halloween film with the more beautiful and fuller color here rather than that creepy piano, but still enjoyable. Thx for sharing!



Thank you so much for the listen! Glad you enjoyed it. Halloween is my favorite of all time, so I really wanted to aim to do something different than the usual arrangement. Bring my own style into it a bit!

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