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Performing this piece at my university concert


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Hello all, 

It's definitely been a while since I posted. I've mainly been preoccupied with school and making analysis videos, but I haven't stopped composing however! In fact, I've been able to get regular composition lessons quite recently, and it has definitely helped me expand my horizons(though the bulk of the work still depends on me). Here's what I came up with, and I've also been fortunate enough to be allowed a performance at the composer's concert. I would appreciate if yall could give me some feedback before I maul and butcher this piece in front of my peers and professors. 

Special shoutout to Henry Ng, and hope you get better soon. 

Proof: Nov 2 Concert Program (1).pdf

 Score: Whimsical waltz.pdf 


Thank you truly 



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Hey @Setthavat,

On 10/29/2023 at 10:03 AM, Setthavat said:

Special shoutout to Henry Ng, and hope you get better soon. 

Thx man! I think I am better today. Congrats on able to perform your own piece in the composer's concert!

The piece is indeed whimsical with those applied and quartal harmony and unexpected modulation. I quite like the first section of the piece with those capricious and not so functional harmony.

It's interesting that even though the piece is named "Whimsical Waltz", the character of waltz is keep losing throughout the piece: the waltz pattern is lost in section B and the time signature is even changed to a duple metre in b.131! I feel like the direction of the piece is a bit lost after the modulation. Even though the climax at the end is well built, I feel like it's built for the brilliance of your ability as the pianist rather for the piece. But of course I am subjective and can be nitpicky on this.

The Cbs in b.26-29 need not to be marked since it's already indicated in the key signature.  

Thx for sharing the piece and your shoutout, I really feel it😊.


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Hey Henry, sorry for the late reply. I just performed this on Friday, and thought It got pretty good reception!(though there were quite a few mishaps). Unfortunately, I had to cut out the C section because it was too hard to perform. Obviously, it wasn't anything serious since the C section was a little weaker, compositionally speaking. I'm more than glad that this work has satisfied your standards.

Don't worry about the shoutout, I hope you've recovered fully now. 

Hope to share more compositions soon. 

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