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Estampas de España (+700$ in prizes) | Composition contest and cultural collaboration


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Hello everyone, I was really busy the past few weeks so only now I'm able to show you my new project.


https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1xnciHniD_iW3uBUrxphiy_p4QF9xaSEe?usp=drive_link (The same PDF just in case)

Basically, I'm organizing a cultural project where composers from all around the globe put piano music to a selection of paintings. The best pieces will be included in a collaborative set that will be performed in the future (up to 16 pieces for the official collaborative album).


The best composition will receive a 500 euros prize, the second best work will receive 200 euros prize, I will offer a few 30 euros rewards to other great pieces (up to 3 extra rewards).


I hope many people will participate, see you soon! Don't forget to send me your painting choices so I can organize better (to my email ivanmusic1791@gmail.com).

Here you have the drive with the paintings: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1rR-lpQH18sTy6qRqH2_QcR7DIMd4Z0Y8?usp=drive_link

If you have any doubts contact me over email! But I will be able to reply here for a few days, but I might not check it as often.

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i can certainly join the competition, although given my current situation where my neighbors complain about the piano, i’d probably have to record it on clavichord  (a la antonio de cabezon) - but it would certainly be playable on piano.

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Hello Ivan, I have a doubt relative to the performance difficulty

Is the following accompaniment texture within the adequate level of difficulty?


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