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Should this be a Fugue or a Canon...or something else even?

Aw Ke Shen

Fugue or Canon...or something else even?  

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  1. 1. Should this be a Fugue or a Canon...or something else even?

    • Fugue
    • Canon
    • Something else - if yes, please specify

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Fugue_In_F_Major__No._1__-_Aw_Ke_Shen.pdfI know its kinda weird/too late to ask since i have published it but...

Do y'all consider this to be a fugue or a canon...or even something else? I am quite confused because of the varied array AND definitions of fugue and canon.

The melody in the right hand is followed exactly in the left hand just one bar after for all parts. It is just that for some parts, the accompaniments /accompanying chords of the right hand are not present in the left hand for some parts as I want it to be that way - to have the chords retain their meanings and not make it sound too strong. So idk...

This is one of my simplest pieces ( my 18th finalized and published piece ); I titled it " Fugue In F Major No. 1 ". Not sure if I should re-title it ( no point for the videoscore itself that has been published in my Instagram, TikTok and Youtube accounts ) at least in the parts that can be retitled - my Musescore and Souncloud accounts and the title ( though not videoscore ) in Instagram and Youtube. Nowadays I avoid deleting my posts just to re-upload them.

Would be grateful if y'all can give feedback : ) Thanks : )

Video Score In YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yafHwhEacM4

Score In MuseScore: https://musescore.com/user/62605720/scores/13517182

The audio version is sped-up.

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Hello @Aw Ke Shen,

Welcome to the forum!

A canon is a strict counterpoint piece when a voice exactly follows another voice. A fugue is freer when a subject is introduced by one voice and other voices join one by one by using the subject. Base on what I see yours is a canon.

I see that you have a lot of parallel octaves between the voices. Maybe for a polyphonic piece you should reduce all those parallel octaves! Especially when this is a two voice canon this means a parallel octave will cancel out the independence of the voices completely!

Also you can try vary the rhythmic pattern! The opening rhythmic figure keeps repeating in every second of the piece and maybe you can treat the two voices as a continuous unbroken line, rather than broken by different phrases! You can also add modulations too, besides in the middle section.

Thx for joining us and sharing your music!




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Hi! Thanks for the observations and feedbacks : )

Other comments from other forums have also stated that this is more like a canon than a fugue - and so I have changed the title accordingly.

Yea, I kinda thought that there are too many parallel octaves too, and also was concerned with the voices being too similar, though I also kinda wanted the voices to come together in the climax after all that separation - that sense that the LH has caught up but not exactly too as its always a bar late. 

I actually intended to treat the two voices as a continuous phrase till the end with just some pauses here and there such that do not sound like they " break " the piece, but the mood and shape of the motifs are quite different so I just thought of to breaking them apart

Taken note on the potentials for rhythmic variations and for the expansion of the scope of modulations to other parts - I must admit that I'm not too diligent at uncovering the potentials of the piece. Not exactly someone fond of the canon or fugue form, but I'll try better next time should there be the desire and inspiration.


Ke Shen

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