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Fugue using a subject from Fugax Contrapunctus

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This is a revised version of an old fugue that I uploaded last June. It did not get much attention back then, so I hope for feedback regarding the relatively strange counterpoint, especially in the last page.

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I'm no counterpoint expert so I'll just say what I feel, don't take it as a lecture but rather with grains of salt

as I understand the harmonic progression of the subject and the countersubject is VI-IV7-VII-V7-(i)

I might be wrong but the second beat does not feel very invertible for some reason... what if the subject's fourth note is moved down a tone? (GABbGCBbABbCADCBb) just a thought... actually, that's what you exactly did in bar 16. For bars 28 and 32 this will also avoid the apparent parallel fifth. The inversion seems fine.

There are a few other places I felt strange but I can't exactly find solutions.

Hmm... I've been less useful than I'd imagined. Sorry. Btw for me sitting in front of a keyboard and trying the notes helps.

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