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Rust & Bones – Fetchflix TV Series – Dick Boneman

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Inspector Looso searched the entire manor to find the body of Dick Boneman and found him in a little study hidden behind the library and lighted by a candlestick. No blood, no knife and no rope. Dick Boneman was absolutely alive and perfectly healthy. However, he was laughing his guts. He spent the night preparing his fool trap. He had absolutely no intention to disclose any fraud report to the media that would put the value of Boneman & Sacks Relic Asset Management Inc. down the drain. Instead, he called every broker of the guests to setup a bad joke to his guests and the brokers made them believe during a phone call that their share had no value anymore, which was not exactly true. In fact, Dick Boneman used some of the asset of Boneman & Sacks Relic Asset Management Inc. to buy three Social Media companies, “Switter”, “Analphabet” and “Minigram” for 69 billion dollars with the intention to layoff every employee and replace them with Artificial Intelligence. He then named the new social media company Y. Y would be the greatest misleading social media in the world providing chaos and dumbness to every country on earth. This way Dick Boneman would be the new god of social media and lies. Consequently, Y would be able to help Ronald Dumm to become the leader of his country using stupid catchwords such as "Make Anemics Greed Again". Soon after, on a press release, Dick Boneman declared to all the shareholders of Boneman & Sacks Relic Asset Management Inc. “Rust & Bones is history”, our new moto will be “Mud and shitt is our Bread and Butter”. Dick Boneman is surely as slippery as a fish isn’t he?


“This story is a work of fiction. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events, is purely coincidental.”

Music & Production: Syrel
Photography of Marisol Escobar sculpture “The fisherman”: Syrel

Musical Note:

I started this track with a gentle blend of Ravel and Satie to express the underwhelming finding of Inspector Looso.
User-461764443 – Rust-bones-betflix-tv-series-inspector-looso
But then, when Dick Boneman started his evil plan to be the social media world leader I felt extreme and my score writing became as bombastic as Hans Zimmer. Was it a good choice? I don’t know. What do you think?


Edited by Syrel
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