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The Evan Erickson Music "2024 Call for Scores"

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This opportunity is seeking composers from anywhere in the world who have heard no more than 5 of their pieces premiered across their life to submit (not including self-performed premieres) to receive:

  • $400 paid commission to compose a 5-10 minute work for solo EFX clarinet (clarinet and guitar FX pedals)
  • Premiere of the commissioned piece by professional clarinetist Chris Mothersole
  • Professionally recorded and mastered track of the commissioned piece
  • Professional engraving of the commissioned piece by Evan Erickson
  • Sponsored by Dorico, a copy of Dorico Pro 5 ($579)
  • Sponsored by Wallander Instruments, a copy of Noteperformer 4 ($129)

Submissions close June 9th with no required entry fee. Click here for more details and the application form: https://www.evanericksonmusic.com/2024-call-for-scores

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