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Finding Mr. Wong

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The wacky adventures of Inspector Looso - New Fetchflix TV Show


Mr. Wong is this famous Chinese virtuoso pianist that was invited at the Gaveau Hall in Paris to play Syrel’s 69th piano concerto in A-flat Minor Opus 666, also called “The Brain Miner” Concerto. The Brain Miner, Piano Concerto 13th movement falls in a crack of the piano repertoire and has a bad reputation among the pianist community. Indeed, it is considered unplayable by the Young Composers and most pianists that try to play it. Not because it is difficult, even though it requires large hands, but because of some special evil and dissonant chords that makes the pianist fall into a depression when reading the score. Usually after reading this score a pianist would start to enjoy Salieri’s music or even worst reading over and over John Cage 4’33” score believing he would learn something from it (Yes! this brutally silent masterpiece is called 4’33”). Just after the concert Mr.Wong was supposed to meet his future and lovely bride, Som Ting, at the Basilica of Sacré-Cœur de Montmartre for his wedding but he never showed up. Young Inspector Looso was assigned the investigation by his boss hoping that this time he would not gently caress up. Som Ting Wong is waiting for Inspector Looso at the “Le Con” Restaurant near the Basilica. Will young Inspector Looso be there to meet Som Ting and will he be able to find Mr. Wong. Let’s hope Mr. Wong will not be found with A-Sharp knife stabbed in the chest?

Music: Syrel
Photography: Syrel, Paris 2016

For your Health & Safety the score was not made available for reading. Your call is important for us but we prefer that you listen to the music instead of looking and copying my score. LOL

Musical Notes: The chord progression is partially based on the “Étude de sonorités #2” by the great Canadian composer François Morel and you young pianist/composers should try to play that at more than 104 bpm before saying it’s unplayable because there are many pianist who can.




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