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Fugue in E minor for String Quartet.

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A few days ago, after a couple of sleepless nights of unbound creativity, another fugue flourished, originally composed in its entirety for string quartet almost from its very conception. The subject was derived from a transformed version of a violin theme I came up with while improvising, and throughout the fugue it undergoes subtle mutations allowing for a slightly more minimalist approach to episodic development and modulation than I am usually accustomed to with most of my other fugues.

In the end, I decided to dedicate this one to a fellow classical music enthusiast, composer and overall kindred spirit I met online, with whom I have become somewhat quite a bit well acquainted with, perhaps as much as to be able to call them a friend.


YouTube video link: 


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This was really fun to listen to!

The soggetto is very easy to remember and to spot which is very helpful in hearing the structure of the fugue. The texture is well designed, with parts frequently dropping out so that it becomes especially meaningful to the listener when a voice comes back. A litte bit less conversation of the soggetto and a litte bit more episodic action could increase variety in the piece if so desired.

Thanks for sharing!

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