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Happy song

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So i wanted to make happy chill song and i came up with this. Might still need some chamges but i' mot sure. What do you guys think?

Hey i just reaalised i can link youtube lol😅 

edit: i'v made some small changes to couple of fragments that were pissing me off 😄 





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Hello @General Pokopo and welcome to the forum!

This lays down a kind of funky groove/beat!  It then seems like the little ornamental motifs you add in the various synths/instruments are just improvising.  But what seems to be missing to me is a main theme somewhere in the beginning for the listener to latch onto and contextualize all the improv that happens after.  For the whole duration of the 5 minutes of this piece you keep the beat and the harmony changes exactly the same though - it would've been nice if that changed somewhere in there for a bit of contrast.  Thanks for sharing!

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Hello my friend. I was thinking  of piano parts and the repeating whistlikng sound as main motiff for this one,but maybe its more like background noise 😄. The other instruments definetly were not improvisations😢 i wonder why the sounded like that, is it because they are not repeating and arent placed in correct order? And for changes in tempo and harmony i want to deffinetly work on this in the future because its my biggest weakness i feel. 

Have a good day 🙂 

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