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Arvo Part is the Pope

Chad dream eyes

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He's completely a dissonace composer while he often play jokes with a hamonic chord, such as in his 'pro&contra'. It begins with a D chord, which represents 'pro', followed by a culster of tones as 'contra'. Really an interesting and excellent thought!

And BOOK says that arvo part's 2nd brings dissonace to an unbearable level, i don't think so. How about you?

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The rubber ducky was the highlight of the second, ha ha only joking.

Unbearable, no its not unbearable, definitely not unbearable. Most definitely enjoyable!

The way he beautifully shapes everything, is what I admire most out of him. He takes these ambient noises and really adds something to them.

The Pro et Contra i didn't really understand, but I really like your reasoning for it.

Now Perpetuum Mobile is an amazing work, slightly minimalistic?

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Yes, I love! berlinger messe and Magnificat. I'm extremely curious to see where he is now, and what will become of him.(unless he is dead, I used to think that Takemitusu was still alive :unsure: )

I'd seriously cry,........

No need to cry. Pärt is still alive, he celebrated his 70th birthday on September 11th this year.
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