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symphonic, orchestral gothic metal


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bands such as nightwish, sins of thy beloved, tristania, sirenia, theatre of tragedy, leaves eyes, after forever, epica, and even metal bands such as cradle of filth have orchestrated elements to it...

please reply, if you have not heard these bands check them out, you may like them

i really like gothic metal, and it seems to have a lot of symphonic, orchestrated elements to it

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I used to be SUCH a sympho metal fanboy.... well ok, i admit it - i still am :) ;) .

anyway, nightwish was always amazing to me, but of course the band is totaly runed, they are 100% commercial since 2001... so i hate them lol. Kamelot - now thats a symphonic metal band i like, but its more power and hard metal. Cradle of filth is just... well it does use lots of sumphonic stuff and it DOES some good, but its just too commercial for me to like... rich bactards :P . Epica i always loved, same goes for sins of thy beloved and theatre of tragedy. the rock so hard! OH! i also love sonata artica, but their singer is terriable live... sounds good only on CD.

I've been into classical in the past year though, so i dont listen to much metal nowadays, but i still think there is alot of quality in gothic metal.. but im really frustrated because they all turn commercial after a few good-selling albums ( WHY GOD WHY????? :P ).

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I dont think there is anything wrong with going commercial, as long as you dont completely sell out, there is nothing wrong in trying to find a larger audience to make a living, because none of these bands will ever be popular enough to win major awards, and that's all that matters, is that thery dont sell out too much

Cradle of Filth-Dusk and her embrace is a gothic metal masterpiece

More replies please

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