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Lerue Delashay


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Following up on a suggestion posted in the topic pinned to the top of this forum.

Recommend new music to others.

I would like to seriously recommend to all of you the amazing works of American composer Lerue Delashay, of whom I doubt anyone here has ever heard of.


Mr. Delashay, I believe, has proved himself a master at emotional evocativeness through orchestral music. It certainly works for me.

Through innovative progressions and fusions of orchestral music style, which encompass individual pieces as well as whole CD's, I certainly feel that Lerue has succeeded more than most in creating and successfully utilising an absolute freedom of virtuosity in emotive musical expression.

As is elegantly displayed on his myspace page: http://www.myspace.com/leruedelashay, Mr. Delashay acknowledges influence from the whole range of mighty compositional forces, and this can be heard in the music's instrumentation, thematic concepts and structural formulae. Also, particularly pertinent is his music is a talent to integrate effectively, improvised electronic sounds.

Most of the music is quite dark, I guess you could call it gothic, or ritualistic. I find it can be a particularly effective conjour emotion with immense intensity. When I'm really listening to Lerue Delashay's music, by the end of the CD I can often left in a trance-like state. :)

Anyway, Mr. Delashay as little samplers of his music on his myspace site and his homepage, although to truly experience his music I strongly recommend you buy his CD's, collaborations of three/four minute odd pieces/suites seemingly working together in empowering the listener with the CD's respective defined element.

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