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    Welcome back my friend!
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    Now this is a major success for me: my tone poem El Cadejos, Op. 38 has been selected among other 5 orchestral pieces, to be read (and quite possibly premiered) by my country's National Symphony Orchestra - a chance I've been waiting for over 18 years. The reading is scheduled for Tuesday or Wednesday, next week. Already hoping for the best!
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    Far from impressing an audience or showcasing compositional prowess, the goal of composition for me is nothing less than personal evolution - mental, affective, as well as spiritual. The audience is merely privileged to be allowed to partake in the revelation of metaphysical insights from this personal evolutionary process of being. Even the composer is privileged to be able to achieve that process, to have the wisdom to discern its necessity for his being, and to seek the conditions (like solitude, withdrawal from distractions, etc) that enable him to achieve it.
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