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Settling Old Competitions - Feb./Mar. '08

James H.

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Please read this entire post before voting. Thank you. :thumbsup:

As far as I can see, there are numerous Monthly Competition rounds that have gone undecided. Judges have not submitted scores, results have not been published, the people of YC have asked both politely and rudely for action and no results have ever surfaced. So, in lieu of all this, I've decided that we should settle these competitions. I among others have submitted works to these rounds... compositions that some of us have worked on painstakingly. I think the competitors should be acknowledged for their hard work and have the results published before these competitions are forgotten for good.

First, I spy the February/March 2008 competition, it was for two monophonic instruments. I counted five entries, they are as follows (in no order) :

* VirtualShock - Weeping Rock

* Dev - Zodiac

* ram - Passacaglia and Fugue in G major

* olibrehm - Alone in the Moonlight

* nino_rajacic - String on the Wind

Submissions: All entries may be found here to review judge.


Rules Thread: Please review the rules thoroughly before picking winners!


We are voting on the winning order. Post only once in this thread. When you post, indicate whose entry you believe should be in each slot, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and so on. You may omit some entries if you so wish, but I will not accept votes that only name one candidate. Points will be awarded for each vote as follows:

1st place earns: 10 pts

2nd place earns: 7 pts

3rd place earns: 5 pts

4th place earns: 3 pts

5th place earns: 1 pt

In addition to ranking the competitors pieces, you may also provide a short review, critique, or any helpful comments or remarks in your post for each composer's piece. This is not necessary, but I find it a kind gesture.

Currently the deadline for voting is set as the first of December. This will be the day I begin a new thread to settle the May/June competition and is also subject to change. I will post in this thread to indicate closure. Votes after I announce closure will be void, as will be changes. IF you do make changes to your vote, kindly indicate the date they were made. (YC does this automatically if you Edit your post and indicate a Reason for Editing.)

Competitors in this round may also vote, but they may not include their own piece in the lineup. If someone votes on their own piece at all whatsoever, their entire vote will become void.

If you wish to disagree or argue with this scheme for determining the winners of the competition, you may voice your opinion, but please do not post more than once in this thread, we'll keep things clean and simply so it is easier to keep track of and tally all votes. This system is supposed to be 100%, and is open for reasonable alterations if any are suggested.

May the voting for the February/March 2008 Monthly Competition begin!

*chops banner with cheesy overly-sized pair of scissors*

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