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Popular music for Orchestra


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Okk. I see that you didnt like my french horn solo competition, but loved the Heaven and Hell one. So here's a new competition for you. This is for large ensamble.

You know guys every concert band plays music like Gerschwin, Glenn Miller and so on. These are very good music and you have to write something like that. Popular music, Jazz, Film music are ok the point is it shouldnt be classical one!

For the style see:

- A Symphonic Portrait (Webber medley)

- Abba Gold (band edition)

- Gerschwin! (band edition, medley)

- La Cucharacha

- Glenn Miller Story forever (medley)

- Dysney festival (band edition)

- The Genius of Ray Charles (band edition, medley)

- The Phil Collins Collection (band edition, medley)

-(Lion King [ this kind of film music style is acceptable, this "jazzy" one])

- Swing, Swing, Swing, (John Williams)

So you should write in the style of these music, something great concert piece.

I hope you got the idea, you see the point...

But the instrumentation is should be for SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA not marching band!!!


If you want to participate:

- Write in the style of these music mentioned

- Mininum 4:00 minute long piece

- You have to send your piece in MP3 along with the score in PDF (MAKE YOUR SCORE READABLE!!!!!!)

(Send here: mnorbi@t-online.hu)


The deadline will be 2010 january 1 or something like that, I give you enough time...

I hope you like the idea..if you have questions just ask..

Good composing! :thumbsup:

( I will figure out the prize, but thats sure that the winner piece will be uploaded to my site so it will be a good advertisement for you. If the flash game that I wrote music for will be finished , there will be a lot of people to visit my site)

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Norby, sorry for doing this here instead of in PMs, but since PMs apparently aren't clear enough: If several posts of yours are deleted in a row for some reason, it is generally a good idea to avoid trying to restate the same thing in different forms over and over again. Your recommendation, even if given in the form of veiled allusions, does not belong in this forum, nor is it the topic of this thread. It doesn't need to be communicated in any way here.

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And YOUR music Bananaphone :P

(Except for Winds of Atlantic...your only piece that hearable...)

PS: Anyway the "I hate you guys" is for the moderators who deleted my comment three times when I tried to answer to shalom...so dont be that childish Hecken-Deckel)

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Ok, I might be interested joining in for fun ( actually started writing something this in mind ), but first few questions :

1) Is it absolutely necessary to write a score to go with the song. Because unlike most people here I'm not too fond of sheet music nor very adapt writing it. Translating what i do in to a paper will take forever for me. And I use a DAW that isn't a scorewriter. I deal most of the time with mididata and audio, not really with sheet music, except in rare occasions.

2) I noticed that many of the examples provided more examples of Big Band "versions" of pop songs, and some of them had a conventional drumkit, electric bass, ect. included. So the idea is to do the same thing without leaving the constraints of symphonic orchestra? Any effects allowed? Reverb, stereo widening and EQ excluded of coarse. ( Impossible to get anything near the sound stage of a symphonic orchestra without them. )

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At first nobody can do a competition without contestants. Impresario is out, maybe Matt is still in I dont know and you would be the second contestant that way. Its not a competition with two people. If more people wont join soon than its over...

Your answers:

1, Maybe for you I accept that you dont show score, but only if your piece is good enough, however the score would be very important to see.

2, The orchestration is for a Symphonic Orchestra, of course you can use additional instruments like Drumset and others...and of course you can use reverb and things like that, I never said that you cant...

In fact I expected GPO and EWQL (they already use reverb) users to join that competition, but I see nobody is interested...

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Arranging pieces?????? :ermm::facepalm:

You have to write an original piece my slow minded friend, sry for the word but it was clearly asked to write something original. I just showed you examples for the style you have to write in.

"So you should write in the style of these music, something great concert piece."

How many people dont understand this simple sentence guys? Dont be dumb please...;)

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I meant write something jazzy, or swing, or great pop music but with symphonic orchestration my slow minded friend. If you dont able to understand the point of this competition and if you dont want to join just leave please, thanks.

Ps: "Make something new, not recycled" :facepalm:

Anyway this is exactly what I'm asking for, despite the fact you still dont understand that I dont want you to write the score for Lion King 2, or something like that, but something original POP music...The examples are only for your help to feel how pop works.

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