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Virtual Choir/Ensemble


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Hi Elizabeth,

In this piece I haven't yet composed an alto/soprano part. If you'd like to record something and add it to the piece, you are more than welcome! You can try and add a line yourself, that fits with the piece, or you can for example sing with the Viola, or the melody line in the guitar, etc.

Here's the music with viola/piano sampled and live guitar: http://www.box.net/shared/uajcu7pybr

Here's the Music without viola: http://www.box.net/shared/im5pf5ibuz

Here's the Score: http://www.box.net/shared/l6kmage2sh

Jong: Any progress with the recording? I am curious how it will sound :)

Kind regards,

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Hey Hugo,

I got the viola part recorded today. :) It's such a pretty song, I had a lot of fun playing it. I uploaded two versions: one with viola only (http://www.box.net/shared/mcmefhrusn) and one with viola, guitar and piano (http://www.box.net/shared/rnqnli5agr). I hope it's acceptable--my intonation, especially towards the end of the piece, is rather terrible, but this was the best try of all.

Thanks so much for composing the first piece which to record collaboratively. I'm excited to hear everyone's contributions and am looking forward to participating in more pieces in the future!



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Hey Jong,

I like it a lot ! You have a good quality recording here :). Is this file the raw recording, or did you do some effects on it? Wow it really sounds much more alive now! Thanks a lot. I am glad you like the piece and you liked playing it. My friend will record the piano next weekend, he couldn't unfortunately last weekend.

I too hope to record many more of this kind of pieces!

If anyone wants to add something to this piece, please feel free to do so!



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Well if there is a next project, and I am sure there will be one, I will try and use to compose something for everyone that is willing to participate.

It might also be fun if we compose something with everyone, so that not only the performance, but also the composition is done by everyone. Anyone into this?

As for now we have

1 Viola (smallercomma/Jong)

1 bassoon (Quaser)

1 piano (a friend of me)

1 classical guitar (JijGaat/Hugo/me)

1 Cello (Beginner! (JijGaat/Hugo/me))

1 alto/soprano singer (jesusfreak1277/Elizabeth)

1 bass voice (Smallercomma/Jong)

1 baritone voice (in between tenor and bass) (JijGaat/Hugo/me)

possibly Peter_W for Trumpet, no good recording equipment. I think with the noise reduction software I have in reaper, we can really get a the most noise out of any recording, so I´d appreciate it if Peter would help us out too.

Kind regards

ps. This weekend the piano part will be recorded, I hope to upload the final version of our first project soon.

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Hi everyone,

Here is a link to the final rendering of the whole project http://www.box.net/shared/hvhkjamxll. I did some fx on it, and I am really curious what you all think about it, especially jong :)

I am glad with the result, and I really think we should try and do this more.

Together with the friend that also played the piano in the piece - Rogier, I am already working on a 2nd project involving all instruments mentioned above. If you have own work for these specific instruments, please feel free to post it here! Stay tuned for our next project :)

Kind regards

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Hi everyone,

I hope you all want to contribute to our piece for the virtual ensemble called: "Consciousness".


It has been a long time before we finished this piece. This time more people have offered to participate, and therefor the project is more difficult on itself. The piece has choir and instrumental parts. As Rogier and me always have wanted to experiment with the whispering voice, the start of this piece consists mostly of whispering people. As you don't have to be able to sing in tune to be able to whisper, we think it would be great if everyone that participates tries to contribute with a whispering part.

There are several parts:

2 Soprano singers

2 Alto singers

2 Tenor singers

2 Bass singers

1 Flute

1 Bassoon

1 Acoustic Guitar

1 Piano

2 Violins

1 Viola

1 Cello

Please record all the parts you are able to record, or at least the ones you posted in this topic you would be able to play.


Attached to this post is a zip file with all the parts, the score, the sibelius file (just in case if you would like to have that :P) and a wav file with a click track.

The piece is 4:21 minutes in length, the click track is our conducting track. We all play to the beat of this track.

First of all download the attachment, and get the parts you want to play. Then import the click track in your recording software and play along with it (please while wearing a headphone, we don't want the click sounds in the recording). There are two measures of clicks before the piece starts. So start playing -whispering in this case- at measure 3 of the click track (I hope this makes sense, I didn't want you to have to start directly when the track starts).

General details of your recording

When you are finished recording, upload the track on this forum. The track should be around 4:21 minutes in length. If you record more parts, please upload them seperately. Don't perform any fx on the tracks please, I will do that for you, if that is required :).

I understand it when it is hard to perform everything in one recording perfectly. If you are able to "multitrack" or just record your track in multiple times, that is ok.

If you are not able to get all those tracks in one recording, then please start of by a rehearsal mark in the score, upload the recorded part with specification at which rehearsal mark you started, so I can edit it in the final piece.

Instructions for singers

As we have experimented with whispering in this piece, we have many footnotes in the parts. Try and follow these notes, but please feel free to sing/whisper as you think would be best.

All notes that are whispers (so unpitched!) are notated with an x as notehead.

For example, a crescendo/decrescendo in the sssh part in the beginning would be great, but isn't required.

The 2nd alto part has one difficult part (measure 28-38), where you are required to sing quite fast. If it is not possible to sing this fast, please try and sing it in eights.

If something is not clear, please feel free to ask!


As this will be a big project, I think it is appropriate to give everyone time to pratise and record the parts. For now the deadline will be 3-4(april)-2011, but if you need more time please let me know. The earlier you record the better ofcourse. I will try to record asap, so you have an example and you can use it to record your track alongside.

Extra Ideas

I think it would be great of you would be able to record some video material along with the audio. It is not required, but I think it would be great to have some video's of you performing this piece, along with the audio. So if you have some video material that would be awesome. It is not required to video everything, even parts of the performance would be great.

Parts are too difficult, or can not be performed?

Please let us know, we can fix this. Also if you have any questions, please feel free to ask! If you have anything you want to make recording your part easier, please let me know, maybe we can help out (for example if you want a piano playing the notes you need to play we can make a file doing that).

Good luck with practising and recording!

Kind regards,

Rogier & Hugo

Virtual Ensemble Parts and Score.zip

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I just joined the forum today, and I would love to do this :D

I play oboe fairly well (playing Mozart's Concerto in C Major, first 2 movements for an upcoming competition), and I sing tenor/baritone (I can't hit below a G2 very well). I can also play clarinet for future reference.

What would you like from me?

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Hey apocryphal_oboe,

Welcome to the group :). That sounds great, we always appreciate extra players in the group!

For this piece, you can try and do the choral parts. If you think oboe or clarinet would fit well for a certain passage, you can try and record that, I think there are some high bassoon parts which sound great on the oboe too, it would be great if you would try and record those.

For upcoming pieces we will incorporate your instrument(s), but for now you will have to do with playing some of the parts of other instruments (if you'd like to do that).

@ everyone:

I see the zip file has been downloaded 4 times, I forgot to mention this, but I'd like to know it when you are willing to participate in this piece, so that I know what parts are going to be performed. For now I assume all parts will be performed, but I can think of many reasons why that won't happen.

So again, please post here if you'll join in with this piece :)


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Yes sure, I'll edit eveyrthing together then. Please be sure to record at the appropriate tempo :). Recording both the parts would be great!

Thanks in advance :). I'll try to record my parts asap, I think I will be able to do them this week.

Kind regards

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Hm, this is really interesting.... Too bad I didn't see this earlier. I have viola, horn, flute, and bass/tenor voice at my disposal at the moment... Maybe I can record something tomorrow. :P (I don't have great recording gear at all.... We'll see) I would also be fine waiting out until the next one. (If there is a next one.) XD

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Hey everyone, just checking in to let you know that I'm still working on my viola part. I'm finding the last parts (the arpeggi) a bit beyond my skill level at the correct tempo... I'll work on it some more, but if I find it impossible to play decently, I may have to record only the first half of the piece. Sorry! I'll keep you updated on my progress.

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Hey Guys,

That sounds great :). Musicfiend welcome to the group! Please record any part you think you can play.

Smallercomma: Thanks for the update. It's ok if something is too hard, just don't record it, or give it a try.

Because I have been VERY busy lately with my study (I am in the last two years of my medical education, and therefore I am having my internships which take about 60 hours a week), I haven't yet recorded all of my parts. I will try and record it as soon as I have time for it. I have already recorded some parts. I think it would be easier for everyone to record their parts when there are some tracks to record along.

Kind regards,


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Hey Everyone,

I have recorded the guitar part, I haven't done any editing on it yet, which I will do once all parts have been recorded.

I think it is useful for everyone to have this alongside the click track to play along, if you prefer playing with other instruments over playing to a click track :).

I'll soon record the cello part too! After that I'll give the tenor part a try, but I was hoping someone else would be able to do that, since it is kind of high for me. I'll ofcourse do the whispering part. I hope everyone will be able to record their parts. As the deadline has been set kind of early to all of us, I extend it to the first of June. Please feel free to record any part you like, even when it isn't written for your instrument.

Here's the link to the guitar part: http://www.2shared.com/audio/0CBhBCVg/virtual_ensemble_guitar_DRY.html

Kind regards,


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